Madam Ova Sabi is a place created for women and those that love them, for dreamers and doers, for truth seekers and the unconventional person who dares to live a life with no limitations. People always ask me why I chose the name, Madam Ova Sabi. I’ll tell you why, but first, here are a few synonyms for those not familiar with it; smart-ass, smarty pants, know-it-all, wise-ass, genius, etc. Madam Ova Sabi is a Nigerian broken English phrase. In my experience people use it to put down women that are unconventional. If a woman seems to go in a different direction that what society stipulates, then they think she’s just doing too much. Of course, the phrase is used in a few other ways, but I’ve mostly heard it used to put a woman down. Since I don’t think it’s a bad phrase at all, I thought I should own it. People call me this all the time. I am not much of a conventional person. This blog is about embracing the unconventional in you. It’s about shedding light on the truth so that you can truly live free. It’s walking with women and helping us find solutions, answers and healing. It’s about helping you see that you are much more than you know. And despite your struggles and setbacks, the world is waiting on you to be that woman of distinction you were created to be.

My name is Mfon Sophia. I’m a writer, artist, entrepreneur, lover, feminist and believer in the greatness of the human person. I believe that there’s so much greatness in people that if tapped into the world would be a much better place.