All of life is about perspective. Your mind determines the quality of life you have, because your perception is your reality. It may not be right, but if your mind says it is, then it is. That’s why Henry Ford said, “If you believe you believe you can, or you can’t, you’re right”.

Being able to be thankful in any situation is a beautiful thing. Because that attitude of thankfulness is what gives you wings to move to higher heights. I prefer the word thankful to gratitude, both great words, but thankful conveys more of what I’m saying. I’ll explain in a later post.  Thankfulness is a sign of humility. Only the humble can find reasons to be thankful. As they give thanks, there’s something called “grace” that is given to them. Grace is an unseen force, but it’s effects are undeniable. It causes doors that would normally be shut, open up to you. It causes some people to just like you and want to favor you. It causes you to be at the right place, at the right time, and hands to you opportunities that you may think you don’t deserve, but you do. Because of grace, you meet certain people that change your whole life. Grace is a gift given to the humble.

I tell people all the time that humility is not stupidity, because some are under the impression that to be humble, you must be someone that everyone walks over. Others think that you must be this low life, dressed shabbily, walking with your shoulders slouched and head down. That isn’t humility. The fact that a person is poor doesn’t necessarily make him humble. In fact, a lot of poor people are very proud. That is why some of them never get out. Some are bitter and angry with the rich, as though the world is not open to everyone. They make judgments about people they don’t even know. Many tend to talk more than they listen, and don’t follow instructions. How can you learn when you are talking all the time, and think you know more than everyone else? The “grace” factor is not there. They find that they are being resisted from advancing. If an individual is being resisted by a power higher than him, how can he make any progress?

All that can change with a change of attitude. It’s easy to be a thankful person. It’s easy to find ways to be thankful. It starts with the things we may call little, like your health, and life, and your family, even that job you hate. Find ways to be thankful for it because with it you can move into the job you love. Be thankful for the people in your life, and those that left (or the ones you evicted). Be thankful for the ones that helped you, and those that hurt you. If you see life as a winning game, you will always be thankful. It doesn’t matter what happens, you always win. That is really the truth, but again remember, your perception is your reality.

Thanksgiving keeps a smile on your face.

You’ll discover that you can’t have a thankful attitude and an angry, sad or bitter one at the same time.  As you get into it, you will begin to see clearly. Your heart and your mind begin to open up, you’ll see opportunities that were right in front of you, but you were so blind. Your health will even begin to improve almost immediately.

Oh! the wonders of thanksgiving. Whether we believe it or not, there is a greater being that created us and loves us. Your life is bigger than just you, because your purpose is bigger than you. Nobody was created to serve himself. As you begin to be thankful to God in any situation you find yourself, and develop that habit, you will begin to see and understand your purpose.

This is not about religion. I don’t believe in religion. This is about being thankful. It’s not about what you’ve done, are doing, or will do. It’s not about cleaning up your ways. Just right where you are, forget everything else, take a moment to be still and be thankful. It will give you wings!

Much love and laughter!


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