Two Awesome Gifts

There are many great gifts one can give and receive, but then there are gifts that never stop giving and enriching the lives of those that give.

  1. Forgiveness. It’s a gift you give yourself. It’s so enriching, empowering and freeing. I heard Bishop T.D Jakes said, “when you hold onto your history, you can’t pursue your destiny”.

You have to let go of things people have done, are doing, or will do. Plan ahead of time to forgive, then you will have it always ready. Because people are going to do things that you will need to forgive, and as long as you have prepared to forgive, it will just flow naturally like you prepared a box of treats to give out.

Free yourself from the chains. I know what they did was terrible. I’m not justifying it, but I am saying that you are bigger than those things. As long as you hold onto them, you give them the power over you and you remain in that spot. You can’t move on, because you have somehow chosen to stay chained to the situation. But you have the power to move on. You can forgive that person, not because of them, but because of you. It’s so good to just let it go and not care about it. And be happy.

2. Love. It’s such an awesome gift. No wonder the Bible says, “God is Love”. Just being able to love the wicked and unlovely person, puts you in a position of control. You are in control of the situation. It doesn’t control you. That racist, sexist or abusive person has no power over you because you choose to stay in that place of love. In the case of abuse, you are free to leave them and love them from a distance, but love and forgive them you must if you want a fulfilling life. Love is the shield that covers you.

Forgiveness and love. Two very powerful gifts. Choose to forgive yourself and to love yourself, and you will find it easy to forgive and love others.


Much love and laughter!




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