Love Yourself

Aren’t you sometimes your worst critic? You tend to see mistakes and missteps in things you’ve done or allowed to be done to you. Take it easy with yourself.

I’m saying be kind to yourself, and take time to love yourself. For in loving yourself you can love others. The greatest thing we can do I believe is to love ourselves. Love yourself because God loves you. He loves you not as you’re going to be, but just as you are. And if he can do that, we must do it too. Have respect for yourself, for then you will have respect for others and be able to show people how to respect you. The truth is people take clues from the way they see you treat yourself. Would you stand by, see someone approach your home, and open the door to them to dump trash in your house? Would you say nothing? Why would you let anyone invade your space with anything trash, whether it’s their words, or their actions? Love yourself.

You may not know or it may not have dawned on you that you are a king. But that doesn’t change the fact that you are. Yes, I mean “King”. That word does not belong to one sex. It belongs to those who are kings whether they are male or female. And as a king you ought to choose what you want. If you allow trash in, everyone will think it’s okay to dump trash there because you have allowed it. You have to say, “no more”.

Treat yourself like a friend. Spend time with yourself. Laugh at and with yourself. Life is too short to be serious all the time. Be lighthearted. Be silly. Discover or rediscover yourself. And when you begin to love yourself, the whole world will fall in love with you. Maybe they don’t, but it sure seems like they do, because all you is love. Then you’ll be able to love others. For one cannot give what he doesn’t have.

“Be careful when a naked man offers you a shirt” – African Proverb


One thought on “Love Yourself

  1. I cannot laugh AT myself, although I can laugh with myself. I walk away from people who laugh at me and I do not laugh at others. Chances are I am too much of a solemn person, always have been.


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