Always Evolving

Life is not static. It’s always evolving, always changing. The only constant thing is change. So we have the choice to change. We can move along a certain path, or choose another. Not choosing is a also choice. Maybe not a very pleasant one, but it is one.

“What will be will be” is a phrase we hear a lot. As a young teen I heard it, sometimes believed it (because of that melancholic feeling that something else controlled everything), and then started questioning it. I was curious. My childlike reasoning would often think, “But if that is true, then I don’t have to wash the dishes, they’ll just get washed. I don’t need to fetch water (”. I reasoned this way because these were things I didn’t like doing.

I don’t think that has changed. People make things happen. People cause changes. If you want a change, you have to make it. The truth is, if you don’t make the change you want, a change will still be made for you, it just may not be the one you want.

Take the example of a land. The farmer that wants corn, must plant corn. If he says, “what will be will be. If God wants me to have corn, then I’ll have corn”. He will be amazed that he will still get a harvest, a harvest of weeds. Nature abhors vacuums so something will still grow on the land.

Begin to move in the direction you always wanted to, you’ll find that as you make steps, things that you need start coming to you, or you begin to find out places to get them. It’s the universe causing things to align to you. You begin to meet people that can point you in the right direction, or tell you things you need to know. But you have to choose to make the change and take the first step toward your dream.

I’m rooting for you. I know you can do it despite the odds against you.

Much love and laughter!


One thought on “Always Evolving

  1. I usually think of the ‘Serenity Pray’. Some things cannot be changed no matter how much you may want them to happen. Other things can be changed if the effort is made. The trick is to know which one is which.

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