What Would You Do?

I came across a Facebook post that I thought was interesting. I talked about this issue in one of my posts. The “what would people say?”question. Africans are so plagued by the disease of living in the minds and mouths of other people. They allow what people are saying, or will say, hinder them from doing what they should be doing.

Here’s the link, http://proudlyoruba.com/i-have-paid-for-my-mistakes-lanre-teriba/ I cannot understand why it bothers him that people are talking. People always talk. It’s what they do. In fact, you should be concerned if they don’t talk about you because that means that you’re not doing anything significant.

The issue here is that he had an affair with another woman, and had a child out of wedlock. He’s a gospel artist. His wife has forgiven him, but people haven’t.

I don’t see why this is such a big deal when he’s resolved it with the only two people that matter. The greater question here is, “what you would do if your wife had done that to you? Would you have been forgiving to her and still stay with her?

Some men gave their thoughts like I knew they would.

African men are very hypocritical when it comes to issues concerning women. They think women are inferior to them and generally treat them so. Even some of those that claim to be Christians.  I have told people many times that the fact that a person goes to church doesn’t mean that he knows God. Just like the fact that your dog sleeps in the garage doesn’t make it a car. They may know about God, but have never had a personal working relationship with him. That’s the reason they are so ignorant about issues he’s concerned about.

I could not read all the comments, but three men commented that they would never forgive a woman for having an affair. One said it was an abomination. Let’s be clear about one thing, having an affair is not right for either a man or a woman.

Tolerating an affair for a man, and making it an abomination for a woman is not God’s way. When it comes to a woman, the “sin” suddenly seems to become more grave. It’s the backwardness in the minds of the African man. Some even come with the fire and thunder message as though God gave it to them.

Haven’t you ever read that he is a God of love? He didn’t think anything was wrong with Rahab, the prostitute. He loved her so much that he decided to bring his holy son Jesus from her lineage.

Another woman was dragged to Jesus (it’s always the women dragged). According to the religious men that brought her, she was caught in the very act of adultery … I thought that adultery had to be committed by two people… it’s always been the problem with men. They want to throw the woman under the bus, all the time doing the same things they are accusing her of.

The hypocrisy.

Much love and laughter!




2 thoughts on “What Would You Do?

  1. African men are not the only ones who are hypocritical on the subject. I do not think race has anything to do with it. Maybe we should be looking at why men, in general, are this way. My personal opinion is that they are not as secure within themselves as women are.

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    1. Thank you for commenting Glynis.
      I agree with you completely. I was specific to African men because those that made a big deal of it are African. I also think it is so much more with them. It is still a problem in advanced countries, but a few men have began the change. Not at all in Africa.
      The men cannot even imagine it. Someone called it an abomination. Trust me when I say many still think of their wives as their property. Those not married see women as less than them. It’s the conditioning. But I understand your point.
      Much love and laughter!

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